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One of a kind Upcycled Applique Bed Cover 2

Sale priceRs. 5,000.00

Introducing our One of a Kind Upcycled Applique Bed Cover - a true masterpiece that blends artistry, sustainability, and luxury. Each cover is a unique creation, handcrafted by skilled artisans using upcycled fabric pieces, ensuring no two are alike. Embrace the charm of individuality and add an eco-conscious touch to your bedroom decor. Experience unparalleled comfort with this soft and cozy bed cover, made from premium materials. The artful applique work, inspired by nature and cultural motifs, adds elegance and texture to your space. With its sustainable design, you're making a positive impact on the environment, contributing to a greener planet. This versatile bed cover is not only a statement piece but also a functional addition to your home, providing warmth during chilly nights and a lightweight cover during warmer months. Easy to care for, it retains its vibrant colors and soft texture with simple machine washing. Elevate your bedroom ambiance with this durable and long-lasting bed cover that harmonizes your home with nature's beauty. Make a conscious choice for sustainable luxury, as you transform your bedtime experience. Embrace eco-friendly home decor and unique craftsmanship - order your Upcycled Applique Bed Cover now and embrace a greener lifestyle!


Color:Assortment Color


Manufactured, Packed and Marketed by: Ocean Home Store Pvt. Ltd. E98 Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur 302016

One of a kind Upcycled Applique Bed Cover 2
One of a kind Upcycled Applique Bed Cover 2 Sale priceRs. 5,000.00